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It’s been three years since the we found out that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be getting a direct sequel, and the wait has been a killer! Just when we all thought we were close to the game’s 2022 release, BAM: Nintendo hits us with a delay to 2023. While delays are never fun, as long as Nintendo has the time and recourses they need to make a fantastic sequel, it will surely all be worth it, right? To help alleviate the pains of waiting, everyone here at Nintendo Wire thought we should look back at some little known easter eggs found in the original Breath of the Wild.

First up, let’s take a look at a sneaky little musical easter egg found throughout the game that causal players likely missed! Breath of the Wild has always been championed for its stellar sound design, with each area adding unique sound effects and music that immerses you in the action. But did you know that when Link gets stealthy and enters the crouching position, the music actually adjusts its volume to become stealthy, too?



Keep in mind that the music in Breath of the Wild is typically pretty quiet, especially outside of villages and towns, so if you want to try this for yourself, make sure you head to a place where the music is extra loud, like Ganon’s Castle.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the easter eggs that exist in Breath of the Wild. Make sure to check back for even more BotW secrets as we count down the days to the release of Breath of the Wild 2 in 2023!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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