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The upcoming Resident Evil TV series has already drawn a lot of skepticism from fans of the game franchise, due to a plot that appears to be a great departure from the official source material. Whether or not the new Netflix show delivers with its story elements, however, the latest trailer appears to show some promise in the monster department.

As you’d expect, T-Virus-infected zombies and Cerberus (the name for the series’ staple zombified dogs, coined by the sinister Umbrella Corporation) appear in the trailer. It doesn’t stop there, though, as we also see glimpses of other fan-favorite beasts such as Lickers, giant spiders, and a creature that looks strikingly similar to Resident Evil 3’s Grave Digger (which is particularly surprising, given that Grave Digger did not even appear in the recent Resident Evil 3 remake). There are even huge claws in a test tube at the end of the trailer that may hint at a Tyrant.

Please note: As you might expect from the Resident Evil series, the trailer below features strong violence and gore.



Netflix also released a brief teaser last month, which saw series antagonist Albert Wesker and his daughters Billie and Jade arriving in New Raccoon City. The series is set within two intertwining timelines; one in the present day, and another in a post-apocalyptic world set in the year 2036.



This latest show arrives after two previous Resident Evil media projects that debuted last year: the CG-animated series Infinite Darkness (which also launched on Netflix), and the feature film reboot Welcome to Raccoon City. With both of these receiving a mixed critical reception, it’s understandable why hopes may not be particularly high for this latest series. Still, hopefully, the newly revealed monsters and the inclusion of acclaimed actor Lance Reddick will at least be enough to produce something interesting.

Resident Evil will debut exclusively on Netflix on July 14th, 2022.


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