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GrimGrimoire OnceMore is sitting pretty as my most desired Nintendo Switch localization announcement. In a world of global releases and simultaneous reveals, Nippon Ichi Software has been coy with respect to this blast from (and to) VanillaWare’s past. That hasn’t stopped me from eyeing Japanese trailers, though, and today a nearly eight minute video has appeared:



No “gameplay” is shown here, and instead we get a week in the life of Lillet Blan. More specifically, her first week at the Tower of Silver Star magic school, shared via various cutscenes from GrimGrimoire’s earliest in-game days. These introduce classmates, teachers, and more as Lillet learns more about the kinds of spellcraft she’ll need to master over the course of the story’s time-turning progression.

Alas, we’re still left longing for news of an English release, but anyone interested in importing can continue to look forward to GrimGrimoire OnceMore’s Japanese release on July 28th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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