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Last week, publisher FuRyu teased details about an upcoming “Project Tritri” action RPG from developer Three Rings. While no grand reveal has taken place as of yet, retailer listings (that have since been taken down) have shown the game’s title: Trinity Trigger.

Besides revealing box art and a few screenshots, the listings also reveal a couple details not teased previously. Players will be able to swap between eight different weapon types with the “Ring Change” system, which alongside the three-person party makes the game feel a lot like a Mana spiritual successor. The game also boasts over 60 area maps with destructible environments, customizable combos, and deep dungeon exploration.




We’ll hopefully be seeing a proper announcement for Trinity Trigger soon. In the meantime, you can take a peek at screenshots of characters Cyan, Eris, and Xanthys. The game is slated to launch September 15th in Japan.






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