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Rejoice, gay farmers – Rune Factory 5 is selling well, crossing the 500,000 unit mark in sales according to publisher Marvelous’s end of fiscal year report. And given that report is based on numbers from the end of March, where it had been out in NA and EU for only about a week, that means its sales could be in an even nicer position overall.

We know that roughly 128,000 physical units have been sold in Japan thanks to Famitsu, so it’s likely that overseas sales are strong for the game even if we don’t know the exact numbers. The best selling RF game has been Rune Factory 4, which sold around 680,000 units. Most games in the series have crossed the 500,000 mark, so this isn’t a record-breaking achievement, but after the series extended absence it’s nice to see it pulling healthy numbers. And maybe if the momentum keeps up, who knows? It might become the new benchmark for series

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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