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Warning: Potential Spoilers for Breath of the Wild 2 are ahead. Proceed with caution!


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 feels like an eternity away, especially with its recent delay to 2023. And while fans, myself included, have been watching the reveal trailer over and over again to get a Zelda-fueled dopamine fix, it appears that a small detail about the game’s plot may have been accidentally revealed by Daruk’s Italian voice actor, Pietro Ubaldi.



In an interview with Italian Zelda Fanpage, Lega Hyrule, Ubaldi shares a never-before-heard plot point for BoTW2, specifically, how he voices the lovable Goron Daruk’s ancestors in the game.


 Lega Hyrule: “You said you voiced the ancestor of Daruk?

Ubaldi: Yeah, whose name I don’t remember, unfortunately, but it was a bit more serious.


While there isn’t a whole lot of brand-new information here, it opens the door to speculation about the game’s place on the timeline. Could this be a simple flashback, or does the sequel take place hundreds or thousands of years in the past during the Great Calamity? Only time will tell, and sadly, we have quite a lot of time left to wait!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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