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Few are more renowned for designer nerd products than SuperGroupies, the Japan-based fashion brand often featuring products based off of anime and video games. And now their latest collab features none other than the lords and ladies of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, specifically the likes of Linhardt, Bernadetta, Felix, Sylvain, Lysithea, Hilda, and Yuri.



All the understated, fashionable designs — Linhardt’s shoulder bag, Bernadetta’s crossbody quiver, Felix’s tote bag, Sylvain’s shoulder bag, Lysithea’s messenger bag, Hilda’s fanny pack, and Yuri’s purse — go for a $130 (+ tax) to pre-order. Bought all together would put you just under a grand, so that’s only if you’ve really got cash to burn and outfits to coordinate, but if you really want to emulate the wealthy nobles of Garrag Mach then you’ve got no choice, eh?

You can pre-order until May 15th at 8 p.m. PT. Don’t sleep on this like Sothis!





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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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