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We’re a month and a half out from the continuation of one of Capcom’s finest and our 2021 Game of the Year, Monster Hunter Rise. The Sunbreak expansion details have been fairly scarce, with just a handful of monsters revealed so far. 

Today though, we’ve gotten two new videos to pour over. The first is a tour of the expansion’s new hunting ground, the Citadel. This map’s main landmark is an abandoned castle, but it looks like it’ll have some variety when it comes to biomes. Forests, swamps, and snow are all fair game here and that sort of flexibility can lend itself well to the kinds of monsters you’ll encounter.



One of those is the previously announced Garangolm, which got a dedicated fight video to itself. While it’s sturdy and intimidating on its own, once enraged it can empower its arms with magma and moss to deal elemental damage as well. 



In these videos we also see what I assume to be the Lunagaron armor set for hunters, Palicos, and Palamutes; as well as some new techniques for Dual Blades. Hopefully we receive more of these videos soon, as well as further details on what awaits when Sunbreak launches on June 30th. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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