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With spring now upon us, we’re quickly running out of excuses to not get physically active. Fortunately, with Nintendo Switch Sports almost here, that doesn’t mean we have to stop playing our beloved Switch, and GameXplain has a full ten minutes of new gameplay to share featuring the various sports.



For fans of the game’s predecessor, Wii Sports, Tennis and Bowling play out just as you’d expect, only with shinier graphics. Badminton appears to play similarly to Tennis (for obvious reasons), with the main difference, of course, being that this game is played one-on-one.

Volleyball essentially has a similar dynamic, with players scrambling around a court to hit a ball, though it seems that cooperation between teammates is a more prominent element. Since you can pass the ball to your partner for them to spike it toward the opponent’s side, players will have to work on getting their timing in sync in order to win.

Perhaps the most involved sport in the video is Soccer. Players can dash, pass, and jump in an effort to score goals, and all of these actions are regulated by a stamina gauge. This sport seems to take some inspiration from Rocket League, with an oversized soccer ball and electronic barriers surrounding the pitch. As well as the four-on-four mode, you can also see some Shoot-Out gameplay, which focuses solely on booting the ball into the goal after being passed to you from the corner (similar to how a corner kick works in a traditional soccer game).

Nintendo Switch Sports will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on April 29th, and you can check out our pre-order guide for more information on the game’s release.


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Written by Reece Heather

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