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We’re only a couple months away from the release of Spike Chunsoft’s AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, and while the developers have detailed nirvanA Initiative’s new mechanics previously, for the first time we get to see them truly in action, with a brand-new 3-minute trailer that includes snippets of voice acting and story, as we glimpse how Mizuki, Aiba, Ryuki, and Tama’s investigations will play out:



Of course, this new glimpse of how the game functions pales in comparison to the real news item of the day: hot dog costumes. For a batch of free DLC post-launch (available up to three weeks after release) players will be able to download hot dog costumes for Aiba and Tama. If that wasn’t enough, other graphic t-shirts will be available in the DLC, including one with AI characters doing the IGN React Guys meme. Is this going to be the greatest game of all-time, or merely this millennium? Dear reader, that’s up for you to decide. 



nirvanA Initiative will enlighten us all when it releases June 24th. You can still order the Collector’s Edition from certain retailers, such as GameStop.


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