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The spirit of humankind is something else. Our lives are so ephemeral, so fragile in the grand scheme of the universe, and yet we spend them on endeavors that at a glance seem utterly frivolous. Take this intrepid The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player, /u/ThornyFox, who — whether by flash of genius or mere boredom — decided to take up the task of getting all four Beedles in the game (they’re counted as separate NPCs) together in the same place to form — The Beedles. It required a lot of patience, tedium, and pushing. It took ten hours. But by jove, they did it.


Each Beedle on the map exists as a separate NPC. So I brought 4 Beedles together to make a band! from Breath_of_the_Wild


Why did they do this? Why do humans climb mountains? Cross horizons? Make art? It is in the nature of our kind to Live, to find the seemingly meaningless and imbue it with value. Perhaps this accomplishment seems facile and ludicrous to you, but to me, it represents the utmost of humanity — our ingenuity, our virtue, our unabashed ability to put in hours and hours and hours of work for the sake of one silly pun. I find it inspiring. May we all find such spirit in ourselves.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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