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The world’s first Digimon Con was held a couple days ago, a first-time worldwide stream for Digimon and Digimon news. In the course of the proceedings there was more than a little talk about Digimon Survive, the upcoming visual novel/strategy game. While they weren’t able to give a firm release date due to development struggles, we did get a new character-focused trailer:



In addition, producer Kazumasa Habu took part in a Q&A where he revealed many details about the game, including the following:


  • The game has been delayed multiple times due to having to overhaul the dev team, and he asks for patience in waiting for a conclusive release date.
  • While Digimon is usually a pretty kid-friendly franchise, Survive is aimed at an adult audience, and thus will be darker and more mature in nature. Here Digimon are treated as representations of part of the characters’ inner selves and thus may be rejected or mistreated in turn.
  • The game is about a 7:3 ratio of visual novel segments to battles.
  • In the vn (or “text adventure”) portions, you can engage in a limited number of actions: moving to locations, talking to friends to grow closer, and engaging in free battles. You can befriend wild Digimon in free battles, and the way in which they digivolve depends on your story progress and affinity with your friends.
  • Battles appear in a traditional tactical style akin to Final Fantasy Tactics: various field topography, different attack ranges, and so on. The main skill resource is SP, which is not only used for special moves but to digivolve units.
  • The game has 12 chapters, and from 8 onwards branches into one of three routes: Morality, Harmony, and Rage. After clearing one, you’ll also unlock a secret route.
  • There will be 113 trainable Digimon in the game.


There are even more details not covered here, so be sure to check out Habu’s full Q&A transcript for even more. Digimon Survive is expected to arrive sometime in 2022.


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