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If you’re an anime fan you’ve probably at least heard of Steins;Gate, the time travel visual novel turned anime that’s been a hit for… over a decade? God, I’m old. Anyway, while Steins;Gates and its spiritual quasi-successor Robotics;Notes in the so-called “Science Adventure Series” are both available on Nintendo Switch, its spiritual quasi-predecessor Chaos;Head (and its full-blooded sequel Chaos;Child — this is a confusing series to write out, sorry) have never gotten official English releases — but this will change soon, as the Chaos;Head Noah/Chaos;Child Double Pack releasing on the Switch in Japan today will be getting an English version soon.



Other details are currently sparse — when this localization will come, how far along in development it is, whether it’ll hit other platforms like PC: everything is up in the air right now. We’ll be sure to provide more details on this release as they become known and pertinent.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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