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Pokémon Red and Green’s original release date of February 27th has become “Pokémon Day” for a handful of years now. Since 2016 this anniversary’s been used for promotions, events, and announcements – with the lattermost just confirmed for 2022. In fact, an entire week’s worth of announcements are on the way!

Today’s, for example, was tied to Pokémon Masters EX. The mobile game is giving out a whole lot of free sync pair scouts, introducing a scenario tied to the series’ Champions, and introducing a special version of May paired with Latias. Per the above schedule, these are the announcements and what day they’ll arrive:

  • February 21st – Pokémon Masters EX
  • February 22nd – Pokémon Sword and Shield
  • February 23rd – Pokémon Cafe Mix
  • February 24th – Pokémon Unite
  • February 25th – Pokémon 25: The Album
  • February 26th – Pokémon GO
  • February 27th – Pokémon Day

The Sword and Shield one is particularly noteworthy, as those games have been “done” for a bit now. While it could be some propped up Wild Area News or a Mystery Gift, it’s still interesting considering both BDSP and Legends: Arceus are more recent releases.

The most curious though is Pokémon Day itself. There’s no telling what could be showcased then. Presumably that’d be the best spot for a Nintendo Direct style Pokémon Presents, but so far that’s not the case. Whatever the case may be, you can follow all of these debuts on the dedicated Pokémon Day website.

The best thing so far is an ongoing series of illustrations meant to capture specific moments from each generation of games. So far Gen I and Gen II are both covered, with the original starter selection and the encounter with the Red Gyarados the chosen moments. Expect to see more as we head towards February 27th!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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