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It’s been announced that the award-winning puzzle game Baba Is You from developer Hempuli will be receiving a physical edition for the first time on Nintendo Switch this June. In collaboration with Fangamer, the upcoming release of the game (as to be expected from the company) will come included with extra goodies for fans of the title.



In Baba Is You, players mostly control a white sheep-like creature named Baba who must traverse one-screen puzzles by moving various objects, characters, and word tiles. While Baba is the central focus of the game, players do get to control other various gameplay elements outside the character within the title’s 200+ levels.

Baba Is You’s physical edition will come included with a few extra goodies being a foldable poster featuring the cover art, a download code for the game’s soundtrack, and a six-piece sticker sheet. Baba Is You is available now for pre-order on Fangamer’s website for $34.99. Pre-orders will ship beginning June 14th of this year.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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