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In the wake of yesterday’s Direct bombshell announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Nintendo has released a bit more detailed info about the game. Set in the world of Aionius, tying together the futures of both XBC1 and XBC2, the main conflict takes place between two warring nations: Keves, a black-armored nation of mechanical technology and combat vehicles (led by a woman who looks suspiciously like XBC1’s Melia in a black gown and mask), and Agnus, a white-clad nation specializing in ether tech and smaller combat forces (led by a woman who looks suspiciously like XBC2’s Nia in a white gown and mask).

The party is split between these two nations. On the Keves side we have Noah, our lead protagonist, a soldier and “off-seer” who mourns for soldiers lost in the line of duty. This is presumably where his flute-playing comes in. He’s joined by Lanz, a bulky man (who appears to be a Machina) wielding a greatsword-shield, and Eunie, a High Entia and childhood friend of the two with a sharp tongue who acts as a healer.


Meanwhile, on the Agnus side, the second protagonist is Mio, also a soldier and off-seer – though her dual rings, cat ears, Welsh accent, and corrupted core crystal are… well, very familiar. She’s assisted by Taion, an intelligent tactician who wield paper charms of a sort, and Sena, a fighter whose petite size belies her strength. Mio and Sena appear to be Blades from XBC2 (Mio, specifically, a Flesh Eater, if you’re familiar with the game’s lore), and while Taion doesn’t appear to be one, knowing the number of Blade reveals in the previous game it’d hardly be a surprise.


While basic, these details are most welcome with only a few months until release, even if the big question still looms – will we get another Nopon party member?

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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