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Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus are a little easier to stumble across than in previous Pokémon games, largely due to a number of factors like spawn rate and encounter rate of Pokémon in general. But maybe you come across a Shiny that you don’t care for, or would prefer for a different Pokémon — fortunately, there’s a way to swap the Shiny spawn onto a different species under the right conditions, as revealed by YouTuber Austin John.



The gist of it goes like this: If the Shiny Pokémon in question happens to be replaced with a different Pokémon due to the day/night cycle, and you wait outside of the area in which you can visually perceive it, then a different Pokémon in the spawn table will become a Shiny instead. The experiment video uses Drifloon and Starly as examples, swapping from night to day and back again multiple times to show that it’s replicable and scientific. This method obviously relies on the Pokémon you want (or don’t want) spawning or despawning with the fluctuation of the weather, so it won’t work in all circumstances, but it’s a fascinating find regardless.

Be sure to check out the full video for proof and exact details, and happy Shiny hunting!


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