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Previously revealed during the 5th Anniversary Feh Channel, new special versions of Fire Emblem Awakening characters are on their way to Fire Emblem Heroes! These will coincide with the mobile game’s version of Valentine’s Day, the Day of Devotion. A dedicated video, including all of their skills, has been shared to spotlight all the floral flair and friendship.



Lucina, Female Robin, Owain, and Chrom (with Male Robin, as a Duo) all have things to be excited about in their kits. It also looks like some fun was had with their lines, leaning into the festivities well. Who wouldn’t want to witness Chrom and Robin talk about their feelings while also firing away with a bow? 

The Here with Me focus containing these new, Special Heroes will arrive tonight, February 7th, at 11 p.m. PT. A new Tempest Trials+ is also on the way that will add a Valentine’s Lissa to the Ylissean lineup.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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