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Fire Emblem Awakening fans ate good last night. It was announced that the 3DS favorite will be the star of Fire Emblem Heroes’ upcoming Valentine’s focus, but also that two of its characters secured the top spot in the mobile game’s annual Choose Your Legends popularity vote. They, as well as the second place winners in the designated male and female divisions, will all receive special versions in FEH this summer. For now though, here are your winners and results!

Chrom and the adult version of Tiki both took first place in their divisions by a large margin, with Tiki’s rise (securing more than ten times as many votes as last year) here being particularly notable compared to Chrom; who’s always placed well enough in these.

The other darkhorse this time is Genealogy of the Holy War’s Seliph, who rose to the occasion and is standing out quite a bit with his classic, pixelated portrait. Lastly, Byleth and Bernadetta battled it out for second place on the women’s side, though the Ashen Demon was able to overtake her student by just a bit for Three Houses supremacy this year.

Chrom, Tiki, Seliph, and Byleth will get their extra fancy versions later this year; in the meantime players can take advantage of all the bonuses and happenings running now for Fire Emblem Heroes’ 5th anniversary.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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