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No, it’s not the SNES port of Pac-Man — Super Pac-Man is a 1982 sequel to the little yellow munching circle that could. Remember that period? Where in the wake of Pac-Man’s thunderous success, they (“they” being multiple developers with a hand in the rights, not just Namco) released like a dozen different sequels nobody remembers? Okay, we all remember Ms. Pac-Man, but Baby Pac-Man? Jr. Pac-Man? Professor Pac-Man? What does Pac-Society look like, exactly? Is it a pellet-based economy?



Ahem. Super Pac-Man isn’t actually about pellets at all, involving using keys to open doors and eat fruit on a twist on the old Pac-Formula. While the original Pac-Man is endlessly replayable (even if it does crash if you reach a certain level), there’s nothing wrong with a different twist on the concept. The game comes to the Arcade Archives this week on the eShop, if you’re interested. I guess the old game journalism aphorism is true: Video games have come a long way since Pac-Man.



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