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Nintendo has been dipping its toes into Lego sets as of late, with the likes of the Lego NES, Lego ? Block, and Lego Super Mario sets. But there’s an entire vault’s worth of Nintendo IPs for potential Lego sets, and one of them stars a particular pink puffball. User JayJayJay on Lego Ideas has crystallized that dream into a pitch, and their Kirby’s Dream Land Kingdom set shows a lot of cool ideas.



Packed with tons of detail: from Kirby’s animal friends to classic baddies like Kracko and Marx to a whole host of copy abilities, it’s clear that love and thought have been put into every inch of the imagining. The pitch even includes the ability to launch King Dedede out of his castle à la the original Kirby’s Dream Land. It’s precious!

The project has actually been on Lego Ideas since May of last year, but time is running out for supporters, with less than a month left in the campaign and the project just under 50% of the way there. Head on over to the product page and support it while you can!





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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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