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Monster Hunter Rise keeps spinning along, delivering a Sonic the Hedgehog collab and some new, paid DLC recently. Most recurring of all its content are its Event Quests, which have continuously delivered new hunts and (when we’re lucky) rewards to players. It’s new armor that really gets Kamura Village talking, but the newest Event Quest is serving up some holiday cheer via new stickers instead.



Rajang’s Holiday Special will put you face-to-face with the not-so-nice ape, no doubt upset over its lack of presents this (and every) year. Beating it and its fellow monsters will grant you the Party Sticker Set, featuring your buddies really feeling the spirit of the season.

Take a peek at our Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest guide on how to download this one, and look forward to more MonHun news as we head towards 2022 and the future release of the DLC, Sunbreak. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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