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In a recent interview with CNET Editor Scott Stein, Metroid Dread Producer Yoshio Sakamoto was asked about various topics regarding the latest game in the franchise and the future of beloved bounty hunter Samus Aran. While the producer did not have much to comment on in regards to the game’s lore, development, or where Samus is going next, Sakamoto did have plenty of interesting responses to Stein’s questions.

In the discussion, Sakamoto glossed over a few topics about Metroid and its latest entry including being half of the origin to the Metroidvania genre and the debate between creating a game for a dedicated handheld or docked playstyle.

Sakamoto feels honored to have inspired an entire genre of game creators and is thankful that his team’s creations have helped forge new experiences for creators and fans alike. During Dread’s development, the team behind the game was not attempting to cater to a specific audience outside of creating a new experience for Metroid fans. According to the producer, many of Metroid Dread’s ideas did come straight out of the Nintendo DS era, but were all “fine-tuned and fully customized” to accommodate for the Switch. 




Metroid Dread may also be the last game in a five-part story arc, however, Sakamoto stated that he would like to continue working on the franchise as he does not see Dread being the “ultimate end” and he would “like to do what I have to do” as long as fans still love the character of Samus.

To close off the interview, Stein asked Sakamoto about the possibility of a Metroid movie. While a Metroid movie is not in development, Sakamoto did say that he hopes it “does become a reality someday.”

For those interested in reading up on all of Stein’s questions yourself, you can read his full interview with Sakamoto via CNET!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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