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One of the Street Fighter series’ most powerful fighters has entered the ring of Monster Hunter at last. Akuma has few equals, and will only raise his fists against such. That must speak volumes of the creatures found in Monster Hunter Rise, who will be at the Raging Demon’s mercy for any and all who complete the associated Event Quest for our third Capcom Collab.

Fittingly, this unrelenting combatant (or rather, layered armor based on him) will be yours for besting a Rajang. Like Amaterasu before, this armor doesn’t just look like a familiar crossover character, it’ll also change your character’s voice and animations. For Akuma, throwing kunai will now instead throw Gohadoken instead. If you’re playing sword & shield, you’ll even be fighting with your fists instead, with Silkbind attacks giving you even more of his Street Fighter moveset.

Also added now is a new Challenge Quest involving a face off with a similarly unrelenting Tigrex. This one’s not related to the Akuma crossover, but more tests of a hunter’s skill are always welcome. You can download these latest quests for yourself by chatting up Senri the Mailman, and checking out our Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest guide.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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