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Previously only available on Nintendo Switch, Bravely Default II will be branching out to new terrain soon. In just a few days, on September 2nd, the role-playing adventure game is releasing on Steam. From the press release:


PC gamers and newcomers alike can soon discover the thrilling Brave and Default systems of BRAVELY DEFAULT II on STEAM, where great risk can lead to even greater rewards in the game’s turn-based battles. Players can enjoy customizing their party using the job system to find the optimal composition to take down challenging bosses. BRAVELY DEFAULT II features music from Revo, who makes his return from the original BRAVELY DEFAULT, and an original storyline featuring four new Heroes of Light. Full of exploration, charm, and strategy, the STEAM version of BRAVELY DEFAULT II also features controller support and various resolution options.


Square Enix is offering a 10% discount for those who pre-order or purchase the game, available up to September 13th. For a closer look, you can check out the trailer below and the official Bravely Default II site.



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