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If you’ve caught ‘em all in Pokémon, you can scratch that monster catching itch with over 300 new creatures in Nexomon.

Originally released for mobile and PC, Nexomon is an indie RPG that wears its influences proudly. Obviously borrowing plenty from Pokémon, the game lets you pick from seven starters and travel all around the world to over ten regions, catching and battling monsters along the way.

A new trailer highlights some of the features of the game, including customizing skills and evolutions. It has a delightful art style both in the overworld and in battles. If you love Pokémon, be sure to check out the game when it releases for Switch on September 17th!



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Written by Bryan Finch

A video editor by trade, Bryan Finch is a lifetime Nintendo fan, and he loves writing about his passions. He also spends too much time playing and watching fighting games. Bryan enjoys​​ movies, comics, cooking with his wife, and the idea of Elite Beat Agents 2.