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Invaders are threatening Kamura Village, and it’s up to some dedicated heroes in harmony with animals to ward off these threats! A new Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest is available now, giving hunters a fresh rampage to take on with an equally fresh reward. By clearing this one you can earn a cat-like Mew Mew gesture, giving you a little extra style and grace.

If you haven’t checked in with Senri the Mailman in a few days, you’ll also find a pair of special buddies to download as well. Mimi the Palico and Thor the Palamute come courtesy of the Monster Hunter Rise community team, and while they’re not as flashy as the recently released Amaterasu layered armor they’re still more than welcome and eager to fight by your side.

If you’re new to the game and need to know where to go to grab these downloadables, have a look at our Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest guide for all your answers.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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