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One of the many quality-of-life improvements in Skyward Sword HD, the recent Switch remaster of the 2011 Legend of Zelda title on Nintendo Wii, is that the player can opt to make the talkative assistant Fi less intrusive during gameplay. It may not be such a bad thing to have someone nag you to save your game during the Lanayru Mining Facility after all, however, as a newly found glitch threatens to hinder players’ progress.

A number of threads have appeared across Nintendo subreddits recently, all asking, demonstrating, and warning about the same glitch. It occurs in the Lanayru Mining Facility in a particular room where Link must move a crate along a specific path, making the box land in an awkward position where it can no longer be moved and meaning that the player can no longer progress — unless they restart the game and reach the area again.


[SS] Lanayru Mining Facility box glitch soft locks you in a room. from zelda


So far, it seems that no one has figured out a definitive cause of the glitch and it appears to happen at random; currently, the only preventative measure is to try to save regularly during this section of the game so that you don’t lose too much progress in the event that you run into the glitch yourself. Hopefully, word will reach Nintendo before long so that a patch can resolve the issue for good.


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