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As spotted last week, a new canyne friend is up for grabs in Monster Hunter Rise beginning today. Talking to Senri the Mailman will grant you Wanogre, a Palamute modeled after the game’s director’s own buddy. Wanogre isn’t the only download available starting July 23rd, though, as a brand new Event Quest with unlockable armor has also dropped.

By facing off with a Goss Harag in this high rank quest, you can grind out materials to craft Shadow Shades. These new sunglasses are sure to be popular layered armor for anyone going for a more modern feel. A few runs through that new quest, An Icy Blade So Bright, are all that stands between you and this latest gear.

Our Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest guide has everything you need to know about downloading this latest challenge. Capcom should be sharing details on the game’s August Event Quests, and potentially the next Capcom Collab, soon.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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