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Two fan favorites were give the Smash Ultimate screenshot treatment last week, and a whole lot of Mii Costumes made their way in. The Nintendo star of the show was one of Masahiro Sakurai’s own creations, though it’s a bittersweet reminiscence for a couple of reasons.

Kirby Air Ride – 18th anniversary

Kirby Air Ride may’ve been a one-button game, but it brought a whole lot of depth. Most of the praise always seems to fall on City Trial, but there were other Sakurai-isms that left a strong impression in Air Ride. The wall of challenges with rewards and the general UI design here have become trademarks of the director, also found in Smash and Kid Icarus Uprising. Sadly, this would be the final Kirby title that Sakurai worked on as director.

Its Japanese release date is shared by the untimely death of Satoru Iwata in 2015. Though no screenshot or deeper reflection was given, the passing of his colleague from their shared time at HAL Lab was also mentioned.

Persona 4 – 13th anniversary

One of the more surprising gets this week was a dedicated screenshot for Persona 4! Though Joker as a playable fighter steals the show as a representative for Persona 5, his arrival also brought a Mii Costume of the P4 protag. Usually going by the name Yu Narukami, the costume’s been presented on Mementos’ yellow background with Teddie bearly making it in at the corner.

Samurai Shodown – 28th anniversary

Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic – 34th anniversary

Bethesda Softworks – 35th anniversary

As a last aside, this week was notable for one game that wasn’t featured. The Donkey Kong arcade game’s 40th anniversary was widely recognized on July 9th. With this being the first appearance of both Mario and DK (as well as the more recently popularized Pauline) and even having a dedicated stage, it’s odd to see it not get some attention. We even scrolled back to last year, but no sign of the barrel throwing retro legend. Perhaps he’s waiting for the Famicom version’s birthday later this week instead?

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Written by Ricky Berg

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