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Much has already been said and seen when it comes to Sonic Colors: Ultimate’s HD improvements. Various gameplay clips have been shared that show off the Blue Blur’s interstellar adventure, but now Sega’s putting a dedicated spotlight on what’s new for this familiar game.



Most notable here are the addition of Metal Sonic in a brand new Rival Rush mode. You’ll be able to race the doppelgänger to earn rewards, though they won’t be the only unlockables. Newly added Park Tokens can be found to buy new gloves and shoes, actually letting you customize Sonic’s capabilities. You’ll even be able to tweak his boost, and add various auras to tweak things further. 

Also shown are the previously detailed Jade Ghost Wisp and Tails Save feature, but also a new 100 Count Ring to grant invincibility and a score bonus. And let’s not forget the new arrangements of that awesome soundtrack, with a preview of Aquarium Park’s music already shared a few weeks back. 

This is only the first of these spotlight videos, so look forward to more as we speed towards the release of Sonic Colors: Ultimate on September 7th. Pre-order your copy on Amazon today!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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