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Cozy Grove, the spoopy (that’s cute and spooky) life sim from SpryFox released back in April to pretty much universal positivity. Since launch, the team at SpryFox has consistently supported this otherworldly friendship sim with patches heavily based on fan feedback, with an emphasis on quality of life improvements. The freshly-released summer update, however, is much larger in scope, with new quests, activities, decorations, music, and more added in alongside the ability to hug the in-game bears!


Today’s summer update includes:

  • New NPBs (non-playable bears) with new quest types and rewards
  • New critter-catching and stone-skipping activities
  • The ability to name your pet animals
  • A still-secret “summer event” that will begin in July
  • Dozens of new decorations and clothing items, plus new photo standees
  • Two new, original song additions to the Cozy Grove soundtrack
  • And most importantly, players can now hug the bears!


More notes for this update can be found on Spry Fox’s support site.

The free summer update for Cozy Grove is available now on all platforms! If you haven’t visit Cozy Grove yet, you can read our review by Jaxson Tapp, where he praised the title’s comfy aesthetic and thoughtful structure that respects players’ time.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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