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Last week, we reported on an issue found within the latest firmware update for Nintendo Switch, Version 12.0.3, which was causing widespread download issues across multiple regions. This issue made downloading software and updates from the eShop range from somewhat difficult to outright impossible for many. A number of temporary workarounds were recommended by Nintendo on their official help page, but the solutions on offer were found to be inconsistent at best.

Thankfully, it seems the issues revolving around error code 2123-1502 have now been resolved on Nintendo’s end without the need for another full firmware update. A number of Switch users on one of the busiest Reddit posts concerning the matter are now reporting that their downloads are finishing as intended. We’ve tested multiple downloads ourselves across multiple Switch units in both docked and handheld modes, and it appears that software and updates are indeed functioning properly once again. In fact, updates and downloads that have been stuck in limbo since last week with a flashing ‘x’ on the software icon are now able to be resumed and completed.

It’s worth noting that Nintendo has officially scheduled maintenance for Nintendo Switch Online services for next Monday, June 28th, to prepare for the distribution of another firmware update. Here’s hoping this next update will carry forward whatever fix was recently put in place and we can continue to download content without from here on out.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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