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Hot Wheels Unleashed news has been firing on all cylinders just about every month since its reveal back in February. From fan-favorite cars being confirmed to the announcement of a special edition that includes an actual Hot Wheels car, it’s clear that Mattel and Milestone are aiming to deliver something special to fans of the die-cast speed machines.

This month is no different, with a new trailer debuting an all new environment, The Skatepark, as well as revealing new hazards and a handful of new car confirmations to add to the game’s impressive roster of over 60 vehicles:


The Skatepark is the stage with the biggest space available to unleash creativity and build tracks, characterized by the absence of furniture and walls. Players can use ramps, railings, and beams to create their crazy routes.

This unique setting features breathtaking descents of the Halfpipe, dark tunnels inside the drainage vents and a huge basketball court.

Other 3 environments have been already revealed: the dark and rusty Garage, with its underground mood, the Skyscraper, a construction site that will test players’ fear of heights and the College Campus, where players can build tracks in a typical American College.

The new gameplay video also unveiled seven new vehicles out of the 60+ plus vehicles available on day 1. They are: Bad to the Blade, Hot Wheels High™, Veloci-Racer™, Solid Muscle™, Tur-Bone Charged™, Roller Toaster ™, Time Attaxi™.


Hot Wheels Unleashed will drop out of a plastic t-rex’s mouth and onto the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, September 30th for $49.99, and is available to pre-order via Amazon.


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