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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is fast approaching, with Capcom unveiling new info and trailers at a steady rate. For today’s Digital Event, we saw a fresh look at story details, as well as the return of familiar characters and monsters – whether they’re friendly or not.



Strange pits are appearing all over the land, and with them comes a bright and eerie glow. This light has a tendency to drive monsters mad, hence their completely on the nose name of rage rays. Anger-addled monsters are nothing new to the series as a whole, but the circumstances around them and the mystery surrounding your Razewing Ratha are out to keep this RPG interesting.

Speaking of familiarity, Avinia and her Barrioth Frostfang are coming back from the first Monster Hunter Stories. They were seen in a previous trailer, but now we know she’ll be taking up a Hunting Horn to be a Battle Buddy. As for monsters, the threatening likes of Astalos and Black Diablos have made the cut, as has the terrifying Elder eater Nergigante.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will launch on July 9th, alongside a trio of amiibo (exclusive to GameStop) and new crossover content for Monster Hunter Rise.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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