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Another Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest is making its way to the game, pairing up some of the game’s fiercest monsters with a new reward. By clearing this brand new challenge, players will earn some new Titles for their Guild Card. Admittedly it’s not the most exciting prize, but it does present a new challenge for hunters to take on.

The quest, titled Heart of a Warrior, will bring together Magnamalo with Goss Harag. You’ll be taking them on in the Arena instead of out on a larger map, making this one on two grudge match in the truest sense. As threatening as that pairing may sound, this’ll actually be Rise’s first Low Rank Event Quest.

If you haven’t accessed any of these limited time offerings before, have a look at our Event Quest download guide. And if you’re biding your time for something more substantial, remember Capcom has confirmed the game’s next major update should arrive sometime in late May.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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