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The Aspyr-developed remaster of Star Wars Republic Commando released earlier this month, and while the core gameplay of this classic squad-based FPS from ‘05 still holds up nearly 20 years later, the game’s technical performance on Switch leaves a lot to be desired. Nintendo Wire’s own Bryan Finch called the title’s wildly fluctuating frame rate “unbelievable” in his review, which is a sentiment I personally agree with, having decided to shelf the game until its performance has been patched. The game’s age and Aspyr’s excellent track record with Switch ports makes its lackluster performance absolutely baffling, though it appears a fix is now, thankfully, in the works. 

Aspyr has shared a post on their official support site that apologizes for the current state of the game, and states that a patch to fix the title’s issues is aiming to release early next month:


“We are aware of issues that players are experiencing when playing STAR WARS: Republic Commando on Nintendo Switch. We understand and deeply apologize for any frustration caused. Please know that we are working on it and hope to have a patch for all platforms in early May.”


Here’s hoping this patch will fully address the game’s frame rate issues so that this classic shooter can be enjoyed to its fullest whether at home or on-the-go.

Star Wars Republic Commando is available now on the Switch eShop for $14.99, with multiple physical editions currently up for pre-order via Limited Run Games.


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