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Star Wars: Republic Commando is locked and loaded for a release on the Switch eShop next week, however Limited Run Games has just announced a physical edition of the game that may make some troopers decide to hold fire on its initial digital release:

In addition to the base physical version of the game, a special Collector’s Edition was announced which includes a Steelbook, a double-sided poster, art cards, and more!

No price has been revealed for the base version of the game, however the Collector’s Edition will sell for $89.99. Pre-orders for the both versions of the game will begin on Friday, April 16th at 10 a.m. EST on the official Limited Run Games site, and be available to order for four weeks.

It’s worth noting that the preview image for the Collector’s Edition shows a certificate of authenticity listing the collection as being “Edition No. /1500”. While no official number was given for just how many of these versions of the game will be produced, this image may give a general idea of what could be expected.

Regardless of whether the number turns out to be accurate or not, it’s definitely best to start planning your purchase now to ensure that you can snag a copy when they go live. They’re sure to take off faster than an Ewok on a stolen speeder bike.

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