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Poor Balan just can’t seem to catch a break. In what should be a joyous day for platformer fanatics, Sonic creator Yuji Naka’s all-new adventure Balan Wonderworld launches today, bringing along with it even more bad news following the panned reception to the January demo.

Publisher Square Enix has confirmed a bug in the unpatched version of the game that contains a potential epilepsy trigger. The report comes after a recent video was published by YouTube Bigdaddyjende presenting the game’s final boss, with harsh white flashes covering the screen.

You can view the video here, but please watch with caution: aside from containing spoilers, even viewers who aren’t considered epilepsy-prone have reported discomfort and pain responses to the effects.

Square Enix shared an official statement on the matter with Eurogamer:


“Please ensure that you install the Day One Patch before playing Balan Wonderworld. We have received reports of a photo-sensitive epilepsy risk from a potential flashing bug if playing the game un-patched. The Day One Patch prevents this issue as well as enhances the overall play experience.”


A launch patch was already previously confirmed in response to the game’s demo feedback, which seeks to address complaints regarding the movement controls, camera, and difficulty. Reviews are yet to roll in for Balan Wonderworld and the general reception to the final game has yet to be determined, so let’s hope the game’s issues won’t prevent Balan from keeping the dream alive.


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Written by Reece Heather

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