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As the winter season is coming to an end, The Pokémon Company is already preparing to gear up its online store and retail locations with spring-themed merchandise in its home territory. To kick the upcoming season off with a surprise worthy of the normal type move attract, Pokémon Centers in Japan will begin selling brand-new springtime Pikachu houseware. Have a look below at the latest Lovely Flowers With Pikachu set of items releasing in two weeks!



The Lovely Flowers With Pikachu merchandise set includes products for kitchen and tableware usage. From plates and utensils to mugs and table mats featuring the gratuitous Shaymin, the Pokémon Lovely Flowers With Pikachu collection features simplistic, albeit adorable, products with the iconic mascot and generation four Mythical Grass-type at the spotlight— or perhaps sunlight would be more appropriate.

The Pokémon Center’s online store will begin selling all products seen above in the Lovely Flowers With Pikachu lineup beginning Thursday, March 25th, however, retail locations will be stocking up on the collection on Saturday, March 27th. The Pokémon Company has not listed these products as an exclusive series just yet. If the Lovely Flowers With Pikachu set manages to make its way to Amazon Japan we’ll be sure to let you all know on our Nintendo Wire Deals page!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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