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The Rune Factory series has always been a unique blend, taking farming and life-sim mechanics, like you might see in Story of Seasons and mixing in fantasy RPG adventures. That mix looks to be back in full force for Rune Factory 5, with a new Japanese trailer showcasing some of what players can expect.



Whether you’re fighting monsters or befriending them, or maybe just putting some work into your crops, you’ll also have a story to experience that further sets the series apart from its Bokujō Monogatari roots.

For anyone who’s already put some time into Rune Factory 4, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll be rewarded for experiencing it on Nintendo Switch. Bonuses will be provided in the form of costumes based on RF4’s protagonists Lest and Frey. You’ll also run into two familiar faces from that game, Doug and Margaret! While they were romanceable in their previous appearance, that won’t be the case in RF5.



While confirmed for a western release, there’s still no release date for that territory at this time. Regardless, expect to see and learn more about Rune Factory 5 as we near its Japanese release date of May 20th.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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