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Few Star Wars games have the fans longing for a sequel with the same intensity as Star Wars: Republic Commando. Perhaps it’s due to its gritty and dark setting, or because it’s one of the few first-person shooters set in the galaxy far, far away. In this writer’s opinion, it’s due to both of those reasons and more, including it standing as one of the best tactical shooters of its era — perhaps even of all time.

Whatever the reason, the 2005 Xbox and PC exclusive has been among the highest requested ports for Switch since Aspyr and Lucasfilm Games began porting Star Wars classics to the platform back in 2019. 

Thanks to what appears to be an accidental early upload of a patch, it seems the game may now indeed be Switch bound. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. 

This news was broken by dataminer NWPlayer123 on Twitter, who shared an image of an update file for the game that lists Aspyr as the publisher. 



NWPlayer123 claims to have found the update within Nintendo’s servers, which is not unheard of. Leaks like this have happened in the past with other games, and each time, the game which leaked was properly revealed shortly after.

We’ll be keeping our macrobinoculars focused on this news as it develops, so be sure to stick around here at Nintendo Wire for the latest updates!

For the Republic!


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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