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E3 is next week, which means the annual tradition of finding out everything weeks ahead of time is in full swing.

This time, following the approximately 400,000 pieces of information of Fortnite on Switch being leaked, we have another hint of Paladins coming to the system. Just like when Nintendo added files and an icon related to Fortnite in a recent eShop update, Paladins, the free-to-play hero shooter, has been found in the digital storefront’s code. Redditor u/R0slaN posted a screenshot of the datamined info over at the Switch Reddit. There doesn’t appear to be an icon at this time for Paladins, however.

There have been hints at Paladins coming to Switch in the past, including dataminers finding images of Joy-Con in the game’s files. While it seems very likely it will find its way to Nintendo’s newest console, we’ll have to wait and see — and probably find out for sure next week.


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Written by Bryan Finch

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