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Limited Run Games, purveyor of many a wonderful physical edition, will soon open up pre-orders for two new indie releases this Friday at 7 a.m. PT | 10 a.m. ET.



First up are two versions of Kan Gao’s tearjerking classic To The Moon. The standard, game + box only edition will run for $29.99, while the deluxe edition (which includes a special box, poster, original soundtrack, keychain, lapel pins, and, most critically, a Platty the Platypus plushie) is $64.99. The goodies cost a pretty penny at more than double the price, but considering how many there are, the cost is understandable.



The other title up for release is Foam Sword Games’ and Double Fine’s punk-rock rollicking adventure Knights and Bikes. The Limited Run edition is $34.99, but LRG is also separately selling an art book for $34.99 and a vinyl soundtrack (thanks to Fangamer) for $24.99. The whole set together would therefore run you about $95 (before tax!), though you can of course pick and choose what you’re interested in.

Pre-orders for both open this Friday, February 12th, at 7 a.m. PT | 10 a.m. ET, so set your alarms if you want to reserve your copies!


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