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After announcements from multiple Sonic the Hedgehog voice actors that they would be leaving their long-held roles, it was starting to look like a series wide recast was in the works. With Sonic’s own performer Roger Craig Smith being first to make his departure known, followed shortly after by Cindy Robinson (Amy Rose’s voice actress), fans may be wondering who else and who next.

Now we know at least one voice that won’t be changing, and it’s a fan favorite for sure.

Mike Pollock has made it known that he will continue to portray the greatest scientific genius of the world, Dr. Eggman. This is the second time Pollock has been an exception amidst Sonic recasts, as he was the only voice from the Sonic X era to remain past 2010. Now he’s well on his way to 20 years in the Eggmobile, making his take on Robotnik one of the longest running constants for the series.

At present there’s no word on how extensive these casting choices are, nor what’s in store as we roll around at the speed of sound towards the Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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