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You read that headline right. Cindy Robinson, the woman behind the voice of Amy Rose since 2010, will no longer be voicing the lovable pink hedgehog going forward. This follows last week’s announcement by Sonic’s (now former) voice actor, Roger Craig Smith, that he will no longer be filling the role of the fastest thing alive. Oddly enough, the news of Cindy’s departure came in the form of a reply on Twitter to Roger’s announcement:



This is all pretty sad news for Sonic fans, many of whom have come to recognize the current cast as the definitive voices for the characters. These departures combined with the recent announcement of a new animated Netflix series starring the blue blur, Sonic Prime, seem to point to Sega potentially taking the IP in a new direction.

Wherever Sonic’s feet take him next, you can be sure that all of us here at Nintendo Wire will report on it faster than you can say “Chaos Control!”


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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