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One of the most exciting features of Super Nintendo World is the fact that much of the park is completely interactive. From the wearable Power-Up bands to the hidden Pikmin, there’s always something to find and do. WDW News Today has shared sneak peeks into some of the park’s interactive minigames via their Uni News Today division, and it’s got all of us here at Nintendo Wire practically buzzing with excitement!

The first minigame is a series of Note Blocks, which at first glance seem like simple set decoration. However, if hit in the proper order from below, the blocks will play a rousing orchestral rendition of classic Mario music:



The next minigame is hidden within the park’s secluded underground section, which we shared in our article all about WDW News Today’s walkabout videos. The game features Gombas to freeze, easter eggs to discover, and even a Key Challenge:



Uni News Today’s showcase of the park’s interactive minigames culminates in a showdown with the heir to the Koopa throne himself — Bowser Jr. Once park guests have cleared the Four Key Challenge, they earn the right to participate in the park’s epic final battle. Check out a full playthrough of the Ultimate Key Challenge and Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown below:




There’s so much to see and do in Super Nintendo World, and these minigames just scratch the surface! From character interactions with the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom to some delectable Nintendo-themed dishes, there seems to be a little bit of something for everyone!


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