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Super Nintendo World has a very tiny secret concealed amidst all the grand rides, minigames, and merch. Much like the “Hidden Mickeys” which are strewn all over the Disney Parks, there are hidden Pikmin tucked into inconspicuous nooks and crannies throughout Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World. 

Thanks to news coverage by WDW News Today, we’ve been blessed with a much closer look at this adorable little Easter egg!



Olimar’s helpful pals can be seen throughout the park, and have even found a bit of treasure within the attractions. Seeing them carrying that treasure around does make one wonder just where they’re carrying it all to. Is it possible that the park has a hidden landing site with intrepid astronauts from Hocotate awaiting their return? Only time will tell as more and more people-sized visitors explore the park and uncover its secrets!

For now, we’re super thankful to WDW News Today for sharing so much of their visit to the park via their Universal Parks News Today division, and can’t wait to experience it for ourselves!


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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