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Most of the world still won’t be able to experience Super Nintendo World for themselves for quite a while thanks to the full opening of the park being delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19. Thankfully, WDW News Today has been sharing their experiences of the park during their visit on press days. Earlier yesterday morning, they shared a bunch of new pictures and videos of the park’s food, rides, and merch. Three videos in particular stand out from the rest of the coverage, as they gave a unique look at the park from the eyes of a park guest.

The first video features the initial entrance of the park, with a short stroll through a warp-pipe leading straight into the atrium of Peach’s Castle. This entryway opens up to reveal the grand sights and sounds of the park itself:

The second video is a brisk walk through the underground area of the park, including a couple of minigames and a sneak peek at the area’s key challenge:

The final video features 15 glorious minutes of Mt. Beanpole footage. Watch coins gently twirl on the horizon as Yoshis lazily meander by and Thwomps… erm… thwomp around? Sure, let’s go with that. This Mushroom Kingdom imagery is accompanied by the joyous sounds of happy amusement park visitors. It’s almost like being there:

I don’t know about you, but these videos have me equal parts super excited and super jealous. I can’t wait to see even more of the park, and one day experience it for myself!

Once again, a massive thank you has to be extended toward WDW News Today and its Universal Studios division, Uni News Today for sharing the magic of Super Nintendo World with us!

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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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