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I can hardly believe I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Heroes for as many years as I was in high school at this point. Nintendo’s mobile title launched back on February 2nd, 2017, and I’ve logged in daily ever since.

Whether it’s more the character art or the lite-strategy gameplay that keeps me coming back, I do not know. What I do know is that there’s a lot to look forward to for the game’s 4th Anniversary! See for yourself in the latest Feh Channel broadcast, dropped just last night for all you summoners:

The first topic of discussion was the Choose Your Legends 5 winners, where Feh announced that Three Houses’ Gatekeeper took the lead by a massive margin. As is tradition, he, Marianne, Marth, and Eirika will be coming to the game with special Choose Your Legends variants sometime this summer.

Next, various log-in bonuses and quests were discussed. Most interesting among them is a chance at a free Forma Soul. Normally these are only available by paying real people money, and they allow you to recruit a character you’ve developed from the recurring Hall of Forms events. Considering that featured heroes are nearly always five star and often seasonal, this is a great freebie and well worth getting your hands on.

There will also be plenty of summoning tickets too, and with good reason. A new 4th Anniversary Hero Fest will be introduced, putting four powerful characters onto one focus. There’ll likely be no better chance to pick up Sothis, Ephraim & Lyon, Shamir, and Shinon than this. It isn’t the only chance at summoning some familiar faces, though.

Along with the return of several Grand Hero Battles, a Special Hero Summon (Year 4) event will be held. Similar to past anniversaries, opening this focus will present you with five random summoning stones to choose from for free. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll receive a five star special hero that was released last year guaranteed! The only catch is there’s no way of influencing which color will appear, meaning you’re going to be fighting with two types of random chance.

Speaking of recurring things, another A Hero Rises vote will be held. The top placing character will be gifted to all players absolutely free this March. The top four will then appear in a summoning event, giving players another chance at someone either powerful or popular – or both!

Talking new (well, newly outfitted) characters, the stars of this year’s Day of Devotion (aka Valentine’s Day) event were revealed. This year Intelligent Systems is pulling from Heroes itself, bringing some of its original characters together. Gustav, Henriette, Alfonse, and the duo of Lif and Thrasir will all fill out a focus later this month. Running alongside that will be a Tempest Trials+ where a similarly dressed Veronica will be available for free by participating. Please IS, if you’re going to keep giving us gifts can you also give us a barracks size increase again?

A few more general updates also made their way into this Feh Channel. For one, the Hero Merritt cap has increased to 7,000. Infinitely more interesting than some free feathers though is the new My Summoner feature. Players will now be able to change their avatar’s look in game using a few preset selections, as well as wear some accessories for further customization.

Summoners will also now be able to take part in battle, at least in the Mjölnir’s Strike mode. They will be a colorless tome wielding infantry, and have the unique ability to copy skills from units you have in your army. No skills will be lost either, so stack those slots and make them the most powerful character you can manage.

Lastly, two updates to summoning in general were provided. The first of this is the introduction of Legendary Hero Remix focuses. These will take some of the older, powercrept Legendary Heroes like Ike and Fjorm out of the usual monthly events and instead put them in their own, separate focus with different appearance rates. They’ll also be getting new and improved skills, letting them hopefully keep up with the more impressive characters that have come since.

The other addition is something called four star special rate. A new rarity class will be included during focuses, where certain four star heroes can appear and instead be bumped up to their five star selves. This won’t reset your build up appearance rate either! Several of the ones available this way will have previously been available exclusively at five stars, making them more accessible than ever.

This was quite the Feh Channel, but 4 years is quite the milestone! As we enter Fire Emblem Heroes’ fifth year of availability, look back on the last with some brand new 4th Anniversary celebratory illustrations. Be sure to check in on the game regularly in the near future to make the most of all these celebrations and freebies, and as always, good luck!

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Written by Ricky Berg

When he isn’t writing for Nintendo Wire, Ricky’s anticipating the next Kirby, Fire Emblem, or if the stars ever align, Mother 3 to be released. Till then he’ll have the warm comfort of Super Smash Bros. to keep him going.